About: A Mum in London

Name: Alexia
Family status: Wife to Mr K, mum to the Kid and the Baby
Age: 30s
Profession: Translator & copywriter
(current occupation: children's tamer & entertainer) 
Nationality: French & Greek
Location: SW London
(previous location: Athens, Greece)
Likes: puddle splashing, red wine & naps
(not necessarily in that order)
Dislikes: not sleeping enough & toddler tantrums 


Featured in:

Writer - Online magazine West London Mum

'Expat Family Blogs You Should Be Reading', December 2014

Shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging Award, May 2014

Blogs We Love - Loved by Parents, May 2014

Top Expat Blog - Internations

Blogs to Watch Out for in 2014 - BritMums, January 2014

Mumsnet Featured Bloggers, August 2013

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