Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Treetop Fun: Go Ape at Chessington

I was reading recently a study on the importance 
of outdoor play for children: 
the close contact with nature 
encourages children's perception of the world, 
it enhances the mastering of important physical skills 
and makes them appreciate and respect the environment.

With that in mind, this summer has been all about planning 
entertaining outdoorsy activities with them, 
and, undoubtedly, one of the most fun we've had 
is the Go Ape Tree Top Junior Adventure at Chessington.

Go Ape Tree top junior review, A Mum in London

Set in the woodland next to Chessington World of Adventures, 
Go Ape's Tree Top Junior course 
is especially designed for younger children over 1metre tall; 
since there is no age minimum an adult on a 1:1 ratio
is required to be on the course for children under 6 years-old, 
which meant you can join on the treetop fun too! 

The 5year-old and I arrived just on time for our allocated slot 
{the booking is for a one hour time slot} 
and were quickly set up with the harnesses 
{remember to dress the children and yourself appropriately, 
with suitable clothes and closed flat shoes}. 

We were told the safety rules, given a quick demonstration 
and off we went; so, here is where I confess that, 
while the Kid was confidently climbing the stairs to the treetops, 
I started wishing I had sent Mr K instead. 

Go Ape Tree top junior review, A Mum in London

The course is made of tricky and easier parts, 
strategically combined to build up self confidence and the fun. 
It is quite high at six metres above ground, 
but the harness gives a good sense of safety.

Be prepared to do very wobbly plank crossings, 
to climb on wall frames and crawl through nets 
before a fantastic descent on the zip wire. 

I was truly amazed at how much fun and enjoyment 
all the kids were having at Go Ape, 
and their sense of achievement every time they finished one crossing.
We will definitely be doing that again 
{Mr K. that is, because I will be watching them from below}!

In a Nutshell: a fun, adventurous way for families 
to spend time outdoors and build up confidence and self esteem.

Tree Top Junior at Go Ape Chessington (just next to the theme park), for children of all ages above 1m tall
Tickets are £18 for children and over 18s.

Disclosure: We were invited to review the Tree Top Junior Adventure.
All views and wording my own.

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