Monday, 3 July 2017

Sun Safety for Kids: Five Useful Tips

Did you know that when our skin tans 
it is actually being damaged? 
The body's natural response to UV radiation 
is to produce more melanin, 
which causes the skin to change colour. 

So, in this glorious summer 
we are having here in the UK, 
it is vital to know how to protect our skin 
and especially children's skin from the dangerous 
consequences sun exposure can have. 

Cancer Research UK and Nivea Sun 
have created this easy guide with tips 
for families to enjoy the sun safely.

Sun Safety for Kids, Five Useful Tips

Take C.A.R.E
C- Cover Up: wear a T-shirt, hat, sunglasses
A - Aim for the shade between 11am to 3pm
R - Rub on sunscreen of at least 15SPF
E - Enjoy the sun safely

What is the Best Time to be Outside? 
UV rays are strongest between 11am and 3pm 
when the sun is at the highest point in the sky. 
Try to find shade around that time 
or plan your outdoor adventures 
early in the morning or late in the afternoon. 

Teaching Kids the Shadow Rule 
A good way of teaching children to understand 
when the sun is strongest is to show them the shadow rule: 
when their shadow is short, 
that's when they are most likely to burn. 

Choosing the Right Gear 
Make sure children are covered up when the sun is strong. 
Long sleeve tops, shady hats and sunglasses 
are essential for enjoying the sun safely. 
Choose garments and accessories
 made from natural fibres, like cotton and linen.

Picking the Right Sunscreen 
We always use a SPF50 on ourselves and the children. 
The recommendation is to use a sunscreen 
with at least SPF15 and 4 or 5 stars on parts of the body you can't cover.
Use a generous amount and reapply frequently. 
For wriggly children, the new roll on sunscreen 
is a life saviour and even makes sunscreen applying fun.

Being the Good Example
Show your children how to apply sunscreen 
and teach by example, 
by protecting yourself with shade, clothes and sunscreen first.
I always do a funny face with sunscreen on my face, 
which makes the children want it too.

Nivea Roll On sunscreen, £4 | Available in Boots and Pharmacies
Flamingo Hat £5, Yellow Swimsuit £5 & Cover Up £7, all from Nutmeg | Available in Morrisons

Thank you to Cancer Research UK & Nivea for the sun protection guide and creams.
Thank you to Nutmeg for the summer essentials.
All views and wording my own.

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