Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Easter Toys Gift Guide for Preschoolers

It's true, Easter can't compare to Christmas
atmosphere & cosiness wise,
but that doesn't mean gifting
should be reserved only for the Big Guy in Red.

The Easter Bunny has decided to leave some parcels
in the garden next to the chocolate eggs
and he has already made his choice of fun, educational
and, most importantly, gender-neutral toys.

Gender neutral toys for preschoolers

1. Count Along Till from Leapfrog

A fun, educational toy that my kids love;  
this cash register, complete with coins and groceries,  
is a great and entertaining way to introduce toddlers 
to counting and early money skills. 

The till comes in a big box with colourful groceries, 
which include a variety of healthy foods, 
and are ideal for playing 'Supermarket' at home 
and for expanding children's imagination through pretend play.

The interactive cash register talks, sings, lights up and counts along; 
it will have your little one hooked and playing for hours.

The best bit: the coin slot to feed the cash register 
once you have scanned your groceries.

2. Baby Brother Doll from Baby Annabell

Who said boys can't play with dolls? 
Baby Annabell has just launched a new range 
of their interactive baby dolls for boys and girls, 
and my littlest one hasn't left his new doll from his side!

With its realistic sounds and movements 
{it cries real tears, burps, yawns, 
goes to sleep and even wets its nappies}, 
this doll is perfect for enhancing imaginative play 
and developing children's social skills.

The Baby Brother doll is dressed in a cute blue romper 
and comes in a big box with five accessories, 
making it the perfect gift.  

Best bit: the Baby Brother can also use the potty;  
he is the ideal companion for children who are being toilet trained. 

3. Leaping Letters from Leapfrog

Another fun educational game from Leapfrog,
ideal for children in Early Years
who are just starting to learn to read.

Equipped with a board, letters and a timer,
the aim of this game is to place quickly
all the letters in the correct spots before they pop.

As a next step, there are word cards
for children to form words on the board

It is an amusing game to be played by all the family
which will familiarise children with the alphabet
in an engaging way.

The best bit: when the board pops the letters;
you can see it coming, but it's funny every time.

1. Count Along Till, Leapfrog, RRP £14,99, 18+ months
2. Baby Brother, Baby Annabell, RRP £54,99, 3+ years
3. Leaping Letters, Leapfrog, RRP £14.99, 4+ years

Disclosure: All items were gifted for review purposes.
All views and wording my own.

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