Monday, 20 February 2017

David Gibb's Seriously Good Music for Children

We love our music in this house. 
There is always a tune playing on our Alexa in the kitchen, 
although most of the times it's children's rhymes and music. 

Which, I hate to admit,  
can have a bit of nerve racking effect on adults, 
especially if you listen to it on loop 
{as much as one can like Sleeping Bunnies
it can get a bit too much after the 18th time}.  

So, when David Gibb contacted me 
to send us his music and invite us to his concert, 
I was pleasantly surprised to discover 
that his music was very different from what we are used to. 

A review of David Gibb's music for children

You see, David Gibb was frustrated 
at the lack of high quality music for children, 
and set out to create an album aimed at families 
with lovely lyrics and quality musicianship at its heart. 

This very tall award winning songwriter and storyteller 
had his music played on BBC Radios,  
performed at Glastonbury Festival, 
and played over 400 concerts.  

And let me tell you, his music is seriously good. 
Inspired by folk music, 
the songs themes feature dragons in bedrooms, 
dreams about swimming in the sea, 
and monkeys swinging in trees. 

David Gibb children's music review

Lyrics are imaginative and telling stories, 
which makes one's mind travel with them. 
Melodies are refreshingly high quality ones, 
using a wide array of instruments, 
and will have you taping along with them. 

You can have a listen to his music over on his website 
and look out for his concert dates; 
his high energy stage presence and lovely music 
will delight both kids and grown-ups. 

In a nutshell: seriously good music for children 
that is actually fun for parents too. 

Find out more about David Gibb's music here

Disclosure: We were invited to David's concert. 
All views and wording my own. 

*All images courtesy of David Gibb.

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