Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Day in London: The Tube Delays

London is famous for lots of things: 
its quaint pubs, its rainy weather, 
Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, 
and for its notorious Underground. 

Also known as The Tube. 

Riding the Tube in London is one of the best options 
for tourists and visitors who are visiting the capital
it has an extensive network, 
meaning one can get pretty much everywhere in London with it, 
and the daily cap on the ticket makes it the most affordable way of transport.

On the other hand, things are not so bright 
for Londoners travelling during rush hour with the Tube.
In fact, it's a source of daily misery for commuters, 
who face delays and overcrowding almost everyday. 

Tube Delays in London

As this infographic shows, 
the average working Londoner 
spends over 11 days commuting per year, 
five of which are spent in the underground tunnels. 

Pretty grim, right? 

We know first hand the reality of the Tube delays, 
as Mr K is doing a daily commute of 90 minutes: 
he is spending his mornings rushing to catch an overcrowded train 
in hopes that there will only be 'Good Service' announcements, 
the boys see their daddy less, 
and I spend my evenings checking the Tube's Twitter feed 
to see if he will be back on time.

This is why we introduced the WFH {Work From Home} day, 
and it has been a real game changer.

With teleworking and flexible working being much easier nowadays, 
people can reclaim at least three hours of their life per month
simply by working from home one day a week; 
which they can then spend doing far more enjoyable things 
than staring at their smartphones in a packed train. 

Tube Delays infographic, A Mum in London

Infographic from GoToMeeting UK Blog: find tips and advice about working from home

Disclosure: Collaborative post.
All views and wording my own.

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