Thursday, 3 November 2016

Top Natural Beauty Products Made in England

When it comes to purchasing products
I will be applying on the children's and my skin
I can be a bit particular.

A firm believer in the adage
'If you would not eat it, don't put it on your skin',
I want our beauty products to be as natural as possible.

And made locally.

Luckily, some pretty amazing beauty products
for adults and children are being made in the UK.
And - good news - they don't cost the earth.

Natural beauty products made in England

Yardley of London 

Boasting the Queen's seal of approval and made in Britain since 1770,
Yardley London is a distinguished British brand
offering a wide array of beauty products
which contain over 95% natural ingredients.
I was sent to review Yardley's newest products,
and I only have good things to say about them.

First of all, Yardley's new Moisturising Fragrance Body Mist
is one of the best moisturising products
for women who have little time on their hands.

It is light, not oily, smells delicious 
and is made from 97% natural ingredients. 
Simply spray it on the body after showering
there is no need to apply a moisturising cream 
and wait for it to dry out before getting dressed. 

Then, the new 'English Dahlia' range smells absolutely fabulous.
The warm, feminine fragrance smells of peony, citrus and dahlia, 
ideal for the winter months.

It comprises the Eau de Toilette, 
the deodorant and the nourishing hand cream; 
which priced at just £9.99, £2.49 and £4.49, 
make this is the perfect pampering gift 
for your loved ones or even yourself. 

Natural beauty products for children made in England

Dubble Trubble by Daniel Galvin Jr

Dubble Trubble is a children's products range 
containing organic botanical extracts 
that was created in 2012 
by celebrated London hair colourist Daniel Galvin Jr 
after the birth of his son. 

Most haircare products contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients 
which are easily absorbed by the children's delicate skin 
and can lead to health issues, like asthma and eczema.

Dubble Trubble range's emphasis on the organic market 
translates into great beauty products that are gentle to children's skin, 
as they are made with over 70% organic ingredients 
and are free from nasties, like parabens, 
mineral oils and animal ingredients. 

The range comprises of five pH balanced hair and body washes 
and of one detangling conditioner spray; 
all products come in fun colourful containers 
and smell absolutely fantastic.

The 2in1 wash is a shampoo and body wash, 
 a convenient solution for parents who want to avoid using 
two different products on the hair and body of their children. 

The Cool Cucumber Detangling Spray 
is the go-to product if your child has fine curly hair. 
The Baby has the most adorable corkscrew curls, 
but they tend to become like a sugar cloud every time I comb them. 
I used the Detangling spray on his wet hair, 
and his curls kept their lovely shape. 


* Yardley's new products are available at major and independent chemists and online at
* Dubble Trubble products are priced at £3 and are available to buy from Ocado and Tesco.

Disclosure: Products marked with an * are PR samples. 
All views and wording my own. 

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