Friday, 26 February 2016

Beautiful Quilts for Sweet Dreams

A clear conscience and quality bedding. 
That is my motto for a good night's sleep.

Now, for my little ones,
a good night's sleep usually involves
a bottle of milk, a bedtime story, a few cuddles,
and bedding of really good quality.

Because if they sleep, I sleep;
and that's very important.

A Mum in London

SarahHK is an online boutique
specialising in luxury bedding;

From hand embroidered pillowcases to soft baby quilts,
the collections are designed in London
and handmade with top quality materials
by skilled craftspersons.

Baby P was kindly sent a quilt for his cot
featuring an adorable hand blocked pattern
of mini elephants in turquoise.

A Mum in London

The quilt is very soft and generously padded,
making it ideal for nap time and playtime
{we like lying down on it and playing together}.

The soft cover is made from breathable cotton 
and the quilt can be washed in the washing machine 
and even tumble dried. 

There are so many adorable designs to pick out from; 
the ones with bunnies and ducks are perfect 
for giving the kids' bedroom an Easter note! 

In a nutshell: dreamy bedding for the sweetest nursery.

Mini Elephant Quilt from £58 & Yellow Duck Quilt from £60, all from

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