Monday, 25 January 2016

Beating the Winter Blues in a Bishop's Garden

It's been a while. 

After a lot of sleepless nights courtesy of a teething baby, 
add a terrible January into the mix, 
and that could maybe count as a good excuse for a long blog break. 

Anyway, we're back and have been beating those winter blues 
with crisp cold walks at one of London's best kept secrets 
in terms of 'super beautiful places to visit with the kids 
that don't cost a penny and make a fabulous day out'. 

A Mum in London

It's Fulham Palace's walled gardens
13 acres of peace, quiet and breathtaking nature 
next to the wonderful Bishop's Park.

The gardens, which are laid out exactly as in the 19th century, 
are home to rare and very old trees, 
to medicinal plants, an orchard, and a glasshouse 
where the Palace's gardeners grow tomatoes and pineapples. 

The experience has something refreshingly rural: 
we saw gardeners working peacefully, 
children learnt about the plants and how they grow,   
and, in the end, we even bought fresh produce from a wooden cart.  

A Mum in London 

We met a gardener who was very friendly 
and who patiently answered all of our gardening questions 
and we parted with tips about how to grow pineapples. 

The children were thrilled to see how tomatoes grow 
and to watch the gardeners dig holes and plant small trees. 

A Mum in London

After a walk in the gardens, I highly recommend 
a cup of tea and a cake in the Palace's drawing room;  
it's guaranteed you'll feel like a Jane Austen heroine. 

And, although all that might sound posh, fear not: 
the place is very child-friendly with a kids menu and high chairs. 

In a nutshell: a lovely way to get closer to nature 
without even leaving London.

Fulham PalaceBishop’s Avenue Fulham SW6 6EA {nearest Tube station is Putney Bridge}
Admission to Fulham Palace and its gardens is free of charge  
The gardens are opened daily from dusk till dawn


  1. Hi! Oh, I hope baby's teeth break through soon - teething is no fun! This walled garden looks perfectly idyllic. I love all the secret places you discover.

    1. Hi, Mandy! Thank you so much, there are so many hidden gems in London, we always discover new places :)


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