Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Hands' Friends

Change nappy, apply nappy cream, 
disinfect hands for bottle preparation, 
wash hands with antibacterial soap a million times a day. 

This new mum's routine can be pretty harsh for the skin:  
the skin cracks and hands become dry. 

But just as I was about to despair, 
I received two products 
that helped me keep my hands smooth 
and moisturised throughout the day. 

A Mum in London

Lanolips Antibacterial Moisturising Hand Cream

An Australian woman had the most brilliant idea: 
she combined an antibacterial solution and a moisturising cream 
by using lanolin, a natural substance taken from freshly shorn sheep's wool. 

The result: an extra smooth hand cream 
that moisturises the hands while killing 99.99% of germs. 

This cream is a godsend for new mums on-the-go  
who must always have clean hands to take care of baby. 
Personally, I won't leave the house without one in my handbag. 

Childs Farm Nappy Cream

We are big fans of Childs Farm organic bath products
they are made from natural ingredients, 
they are suitable for eczema prone skins and they smell great. 

What I love about Childs Farm Nappy cream 
is that it doesn't dry your hands
like most nappy creams which act like a barrier to humidity;  
on the contrary, it moisturises them.  

Its unscented creamy consistency is very easy to apply, 
keeps baby's bottom well protected 
and is kind to mum's hands. 

Childs Farm Nappy Cream 100 ml, £3.85, available from Boots
Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream £8.99, available from Boots and Waitrose

Disclosure: PR Samples to review. 
All views and wording my own.

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