Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Happy Readers: Tips for Great Storytelling

We love reading at a Mum in London's casa. 

The kid's bedroom is filled with books 
and every night at bedtime, after we read him a story, 
 he will go to bed holding his favourite books.

The main reason children enjoy reading 
is because they feel it's an adventure they can go on at any time 
and they become friends with the characters in their books, 
according to a survey released to mark the partnership 
between the National Literacy Trust, McDonald's, 
Penguin Random House and Roald Dahl Literary Estate. 

A Mum in London

If you want to make reading to your children more fun for everyone, 
why not try some of the following tips? 

1. Use funny voices to bring characters to life 
2. Include surprising noises and sound effects keep children interested
3. Stop at exciting moments to ask your child to guess what happens next 
4. Make reading with your child a special time for both of you 
5. Use facial expressions to engage them and make them laugh 

¬ ¬ ¬

Acknowledging the importance of books and reading, 
McDonald's partnered with the National Literacy Trust, 
Penguin Random House and Roald Dahl Literary Estate 
to distribute 14 million books via their Happy Meals, 
making Roald Dahl's extraordinary world accessible to millions of children. 

The eight specially created books contain extracts 
from Dahl's most famous books along with activities, 
and a free specially designed app 
with voice-activated features to bring the stories to life.  

For more info about Roald Dahl, visit www.roalddahl.com
Download the fully compatible with iOS and Android devices app by visiting the App store and searching for Happy Studio

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