Thursday, 10 September 2015

An Appleyard Plant

Some days, life with a new baby can be hard:
the sleepless nights, the constant feeding,
the no time for anything else.

So, there is no better surprise than answering the door 
and being greeted by flowers 
{luckily, Mr K has this down to an art}. 

And while a beautiful bouquet can make my day,
a potted plant can make my week: 
you see, I love having live plants in my house
and watching them growing and blooming.

 So, when London's luxury florists, Appleyard London
asked me to review their potted plants, 
the tough bit was choosing one. 

Appleyard London are well known 
for their stunning bouquet delivery services,
which I reviewed a while ago;  
and I must say that their plant range does not disappoint.

Roses, lilies, orchids and hydrangeas 
presented in cute little pots 
can brighten up the day and transform a room.

A Mum in London

As an orchid fan, I chose the Dendrobium Orchid, 
which arrived in a perfect state thanks to the protective packaging.

The orchid came in full bloom in an adorable tin pot,
with a guarantee to flower for at least 3 weeks.

The prices are very reasonable too, 
with plants starting at £14.99,
which makes them perfect as a gift. 

What's more, Appleyard London offers 
all 'A Mum in London' readers 
33%* off their stunning luxury bouquet collection 
so you can treat yourself or send flowers to your loved ones. 

In a nutshell: the perfect way 
to make someone feel very special. 

Dendrobium Orchid in tin pot, £26.
Use code BLOG33 for a discount of 33% off  all Appleyard's range of luxury bouquets and have flowers delivered.

*Offer excludes plants & the flowers by post range.

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