Monday, 31 August 2015

Baby's First Basics: Bedtime

With Baby P just hitting the 3 month mark,  
I put away his first set of clothes 
and made a list of our first favourites and most used ones. 

During the first months of their life, 
babies need a staggering amount of clothes. 

And while we, parents, don't mind seeing our little ones 
outgrowing their clothes almost every month, 
it's sensible to plan baby's wardrobe 
and avoid spending a fortune in baby grows. 

1. Bodysuits from Gap 
Made from 100% cotton, 
Gap's bodysuits are very soft and durable. 
The fabric is thick and keeps baby warm 
and the embroidered bear makes it extra cute. 

Tip: Babies in their first 3 months 
will need approximately 3-4 bodysuits on a good day; 
we bought lots of bodysuits
to avoid running the washing machine every day.

2. Sleepsuits from Mothercare
Another classic baby basic, 
those sleeepsuits are extra soft 
and have the right amount of buttons. 

Tip: Most baby sleepsuits have mitts. 
Do not forget to cover baby's hands 
to avoid them looking like Scarface in the morning.

3. Sleeping bag from Nutmeg
At just £10, Nutmeg's sleeping bags offer 
extremely good value for money. 
It's made from 100% cotton, 
it's soft and the zip is nice and chunky 
{a good thing when you're trying to zip it in the dark}.

Tip: buy more than one sleeping bag - 
night time accidents and spillages 
mean you'll probably need them.

Gap bodysuits, set of 3 £12.95, Mothercare sleepsuits, pack of 2 from £9, Nutmeg sleeping bag £10. 

Items marked with * are PR samples, 
wording and views my own.

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