Monday, 6 July 2015

Roly Pony: Baby Chic

With Prince George and his baby sister 
setting the nation's baby wear trends, 
it's fair to say that classic, timeless children's garments 
have made a big comeback. 

But finding elegant, high quality clothes for Baby 
without spending a fortune is no mean feat. 

This is what two mums set to change 
by creating Roly Pony
a new British label for the teeny tiny ones. 

A Mum in London

Their debut collection, which has been awarded 
Editor's Choice from ChildrensWearBuyers Magazine, 
features extra soft cardigans and leggings, 
bodies with delightful embroidered details, 
and the cosiest blankets for baby. 

The two mumpreneurs, 
Nadya Abela and Aytan Eldarova, 
with backgrounds in Fashion and Children's Books, 
are involved in every step of design and production. 

This labour of love is apparent to the attention to details, 
the high quality and timeless style of their collection. 

All the garments are made from natural fabrics, 
like soft cotton and lambswool, 
which are friendly to baby's delicate skin 
{Baby P looked ravishing and very comfortable 
in his soft cardigan and body}.

Last but not least, with affordable price tags, 
there is no excuse for not dressing Baby like a mini royal!

In a nutshell: a stylish baby clothes brand, 
offering extremely good value for money.

Top: Cardigan £37, Body £15.85
Bottom left: Blanket £72, Body £18, Cardigan £37, Leggings £25.95
Bottom right: Cardigan £37, Leggings £25.95, Body £15.85

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  1. Oh my gosh those clothes are cute! I love it!!

    1. They are lovely and so well made! Babies are really lucky to have that kind of wardrobe ;)


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