Sunday, 5 July 2015

Back to School with Nutmeg

With soaring temperatures and all this sunshine  
it might seem a bit early for school uniform shopping, 
but I'm a fan of the motto 
'Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today'.

That said, sending off your little ones to school fully kitted 
can be quite complicated; I was happy to discover 
that Morrisons own clothing range Nutmeg 
have made things easier and very affordable for us parents.

A Mum in London

Nutmeg designers focus on the little details that make life easier: 
underwear, polos and jumpers are made from soft 100% cotton 
to keep children comfortable, 
trousers and skirts are Teflon-coated 
to stop the absorption of spills and stains, 
and all shirts are easy iron and crease resistant. 

As always, Nutmeg clothes offer fabulous value for money: 
a pack of two polos is £2, skirts and trousers £3, 
cardigan and jumpers at just £3. 
In short, one can buy the whole school uniform 
for less than £20.

What's more impressive is the guarantee: 
Nutmeg offers a 200 day wear guarantee on all their uniforms, 
proving that high quality can be found at little prices. 

Nutmeg's Back to School range will be available in Morrisons stores from mid July. 
Find your nearest store here

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