Monday, 27 July 2015

Baby's First Shoes: Menthe & Grenadine

For me it was a shiny pair of scissors,
for my firstborn it was a brand new iPhone,
and who knows what will persuade the littlest to get up on his two feet. 

Walking for the first time
is the most important milestone in early childhood.

This is why it's essential to get baby's first shoes right. 

A Mum in London

Launched in 2011 by Christian & Katharina von Massenbach, 
a couple with a true passion for quality children's shoes, 
Menthe et Grenadine is a lovely online boutique 
where one can find classic children's shoes of the highest quality.

Manufactured in a small European factory by hand, 
 Menthe et Grenadine's shoes respect the health of little feet 
by choosing the right shape, soft European leathers 
and flexible natural rubber soles. 

The designs are timeless and elegant:
you'll find the cutest baby shoes, simple comfy sandals,
and timeless boots for boys and Mary Janes for girls.

Baby P was gifted an adorable pair of first shoes; 
their quality and design left me truly impressed. 

The leather is very soft, the hand stitched details are flawless 
and the shoes feel light and sturdy at the same time. 

The elegant design means he will wear his little shoes on many occasions, 
while I'll be safe in the knowledge that his feet are well protected. 

What's more, the prices are very reasonable, 
offering excellent value for money. 

In a nutshell: elegant children's shoes of the highest standards; 
I can not recommend them enough.

Baby's shoes: Clement, colour blue, £46.90 (currently on sale £29.90).
See the whole collection from Menthe et Grenadine and the brilliant sizing and fitting guide.

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  1. Oh, its cute! Good thing you have kept it all these years. My baby just started walking and i'm excited to buy her first pair of shoes. I would

    like to the same thing. I would like to keep it too. Is it leather?


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