Monday, 8 June 2015

Going Out in London: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Along the Thames's south bank, next to the Tate Modern
one will spot an odd-looking building with a thatched roof:
The original Globe was built in 1599 
and one of its shareholders was Shakespeare himself .
This was where many of his greatest plays were presented, 
until 1613 when a fire burned the theatre to the ground. 

A Mum in London

Set a few metres from the original location, 
the reconstructed building, which was based on the original theatre's design, 
hosts an array of high quality theatre productions in a truly stunning setting. 

Attending a performance at the Globe is a unique experience: 
with a yard opened to the sky, 
spectators stand and get close to all the action. 
{you can always book a sitting ticket in the covered galleries 
if you prefer more comfort}. 

What's even better is that the the Shakespeare's Globe
offres at each performance 700 tickets at just £5,  
giving you the chance to become part of the 'groundlings', 
the name given to the audience members 
who stood in the yard of the original Globe, 
paying a penny to stand close to the stage. 

So, with ticket prices costing less than a two way Tube journey, 
this summer, Londoners and the capital's visitors 
can enjoy fantastic Shakespearean productions, 
like the Merchant of Venice, King John & Richard II,  
in the most original setting. 

In a nutshell: a unique theatrical experience in London.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside, London SE1 9DT
Tickets from £5
Nearest Tube station is Blackfriars & London Bridge
Read more about this summer productions at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

*photos courtesy of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

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