Thursday, 28 May 2015

Making Life Easy: ZipJet

Undeniably, London is the land of services. 
The fast-paced lifestyle in the capital dictates 
handing over tedious and time consuming tasks to professionals 
and taking advantage of every second of free time. 

And what could be more time consuming than laundry
{especially when you have children}?

Well, I have good news: a new London laundry service
promises to take care of your laundry within 24 hours,
without you having to leave your front door.

A Mum in London

ZipJet offers a premium laundry service at affordable prices
via a simple app & website.

You just enter your postcode and chose a pick up 30 minute slot.
A delivery person comes to your house with laundry bags for you to fill
{which you get to keep for the next time},
they note down any washing instructions and off they go.

24 hours later, your freshly cleaned clothes
are delivered to your house, hassle free and smelling all clean!

This service is particularly convenient for young professionals
and families with no much time on their hands
and their pricing makes it an affordable luxury:
it costs £14.50 to have a full bag of clothes cleaned
and the dry cleaning prices are similar to our local drycleaners'.

So why bother packing and dragging
your shirts, coats and duvets to the drycleaner's,
when you can have them picked up
and delivered to your house all fresh and clean?

In a nutshell: a great laundry service with affordable prices
making life so much easier.

ZipJet laundry service is availabe in Central and Southwest London. 
Minimum charge is £15.

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