Monday, 25 May 2015

Chic Maternity Wear: Happy Mum

When pregnant, many of the things one took for granted 
suddenly become quite difficult:
eating, sleeping, tying your shoelaces... 
Even enjoyable activities,
like shopping for clothes, can prove a hard task. 

And while leggings and tunics 
are a pregnant lady's best friends, 
sometimes it feels good to dress up and look all pretty 
for a date night out, a special celebration or 'just because'. 

A Mum in London

I present you Happy Mum, an online boutique
specialising in chic maternity and nursing wear 
that won't break the bank. 

During pregnancy the body undergoes so many changes:
our abdomen, uterus and breasts expand 
and, most of the times, hormones dictate our mood.

This has been taken on board by the designers over at Happy Mum;
by designing the garments in collaboration with expectant mums,
the clothes fit perfectly, they adapt to the changing body shape,
and the fabrics are comfortable without restricting your movements.

A Mum in London

Happy Mum's range features beautiful garments,
from elegant dresses for special occasions and pretty tunics for everyday,
to stunning wedding dresses for an expectant mum's special day.

Plus, since most of the garments are designed for nursing as well,
you can continue wearing them after pregnancy.

In a nutshell: pretty bumps, happy mums.

Pictured above: Blue Maternity Shirt £43, White Maternity Dress £63, both from

Disclosure: Post in association with 
*all images courtesy of Happy Mum

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