Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Good Spring Clean

I love coming home to a clean house
and I even enjoy the de-stressing properties
of doing some household chores,
like cleaning the windows {wax on, wax off}.

But I'll admit there's something even more enjoyable:
having specialists, once in a while, to tackle the hard stuff
and banish dirt from places you can't reach or can't even see.

In other words, having a good spring clean.

A Mum in London

a London company offering a range of homecare services, 
which I was recently invited to review. 

With them, one can book a one-off spring cleaning, 
by paying a straightforward hourly rate 
without the hassle of contracts. 

When booking the service, 
I was asked if there were any specific areas that needed extra attention  
and received advice based on my specific needs;
we then agreed on a detailed checklist of tasks,  
on the number of cleaners and on the hours the cleaning would take. 

On the day, the cleaning team arrived on time 
and started immediately ticking off the boxes of the checklist.  
By having two persons over a 3 hour period, 
our 2 bedroom house was sparkling clean in no time. 

I was impressed by the effectiveness & speed of the service 
and will certainly be using Fantastic Services again in the future. 

The hourly rate per person for the one-off clean is approximately £15 
and it is totally worth it every once in a while, 
as this service guarantees a super clean and germ-free house.

In a nutshell: professional and effective 
London cleaning service.

Fantastic Services one-off cleaning, from £14.50 per hour. 
Fantastic Services are available in London, Bristol, Oxford and Manchester.

Disclosure: I was invited to review this service. 
Words & opinions my own.

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