Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Five Star Bed: the Silk Duvet

I can do without a lot of things. 
A good night's sleep ain't one of them. 
It's what makes or breaks my day. 

And since my rest is dependent on the little one's sleep, 
I don't take any chances when it comes 
to choosing pillows, bedding and duvets... 

...and making his bed as cosy, healthy and inviting as possible. 

A Mum in London

Baby's Five Star Bed

1. Go Natural 
Choose bedding, duvets and pillows made from natural fibres, 
like pure cotton, wool and silk. 
Natural fibres reduce the risks of allergies and asthma 
and provide a healthy cocoon for your little one. 

2. Get the Right Duvet 
Children can wake up a lot during the night 
if they are too cold or too hot in their beds. 
So choosing the right duvet according to the room's temperature 
is very important for a comfortable night's sleep.

{for room temperatures between 16-22°C, 
a medium fill duvet (autumn-spring) should be just right}

3. Be Light 
Contrary to popular belief, 
layers and heavy bedding won't provide a good night's sleep. 
Bedding should be lightweight and comfortable 
for the child to be able to move freely without feeling squashed. 

A Mum in London

The Mulberry Silk Duvet

Silk Bedding Direct recently sent us a mulberry silk cotbed duvet to try 
and I can safely say I was amazed at its quality, softness & lushness 
{the Toddler declared he loves the new "veeeery soft blanket"}. 

Filled with top grade 100% mulberry silk strands 
{each duvet has a little zipped compartment for you to touch and check the silk}, 
this hand sewn and finished duvet comes in a super soft cotton sateen casing 
and is definitively the best duvet money can buy. 

Mulberry silk is regarded as the best quality in the world 
and has amazing benefits over other types of bedding: 
it's hypoallergenic, self regulates temperature and naturally drapes, 
and it's totally clean as dust mites and fungus cannot live in mulberry silk. 

Plus, the silk's amino acids and sericin protein 
nourish and protect your hair and skin as you sleep 
{might have to persuade Mr K to invest in a king sized one for us}! 

Cotbed sized silk duvet (150 x 120 cm) from £75 (sale price).
See the whole range of mulberry silk filled duvets at and take advantage of their spring offers. Worldwide shipping.

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