Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Museum of London: a time capsule

With half-term just around the corner 
and arctic temperatures over London, 
what's the best way to entertain the little ones?

By visiting one of London's 
brilliant & free museums, of course.

A Mum in London

Museum of London

Οne of the capital's 
most interesting & über child-friendly museums 
is the lesser known Museum of London in Barbican. 

Situated in an odd-shaped 70s building 
in the centre of the City, 
a visit to the Museum of London
is pretty much a trip through London's history...

...from prehistoric times to the swinging Sixties, 
via the Great Fire and the Victorian era. 

A Mum in London

History Made Easy

If you want a quick, easy, agreeable overview of London's history, 
the London Museum is the place to go.

See what prehistoric creatures once roamed near Buckingham Palace, 
catch a glimpse of the Roman Wall, 
step inside a Saxon house, 
watch the devastating effects of the Great Fire.

Stroll along Victorian shops, 
admire the Suffragettes' movement collection, 
get inspired by Swinging London 
{and the list goes on...} 

A Mum in London

Why take the  kids?

The Museum of London 
is utterly brilliant for children.

Replicas of objects are placed 
at the children's level for them to touch and explore. 

Amazing real-sized constructions, 
like the life-size Saxon house and the Victorian walk, 
transport children back in time and nurture their imagination.

Plus, you can collect free explorer packs 
which are full of fun activities 
to help you explore the museum with the little ones!

Museum of London, admission free.
Nearest tube: Barbican, St Paul's
Read more abut the Museum's Family Events

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