Friday, 20 February 2015

Operation: Decluttering

'Raising children comes with lots of joy, effort, and clutter',
every parent can tell you this; 
the sheer amount of plastic bric-à-brac
outgrown clothes and toys is staggering. 

And in the space-deprived London houses 
storing all those objects can be a problem.

So, ahead of the Spring cleaning season,
there's only one way forward: decluttering.

A Mum in London

Decluttering in 4 Simple Steps

1. Gather all the clutter in a room 
and shut the door behind you 
{you don't want little people "helping" you} 

2. Start by piling the objects into categories: 
books, toys, clothes, random objects 
{tip: separate children clothes by age ranges}

3. Make a pile for the objects you want to discard 
and the ones you want to donate/give to friends 
{tip: be ruthless and keep only what you really need/love}

4. Place the objects you want to store into sealable bags, 
stick a post it with a brief description inside 
and... voilà!

A Mum in London

Next you just need to find storage space. 
that does all the hard work for you.

Unlike other self-storage facilities
where you have to drive and carry your boxes,
Boxman delivers waterproof boxes straight to your home, you pack them up,
and then they pick them up to store in their secure facilities. 

The user-friendly website allows you to create your account,
order online how many boxes you want,
add descriptions and photos to your boxes
and book time slots for delivery
{they offer same day delivery, with 2 hour slots}.

Prices start from £5 per month per box
and they can also store oversized items for the same price.

And should you urgently need something you stored away, fear not: 
they'll return your items the next day. 

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