Monday, 6 October 2014

The Paddington Trail: Fifty Bears, One City

From the 4th of November till the end of December,  
everyone in London will be going on a bear hunt... spot the cutest Peruvian bears 
in what's called the Paddington Trail.  

Fifty amazing Paddington bear statues 
will be placed across different parts of the city  
and next to London's most famous landmarks,  
to celebrate the arrival of the Paddington movie 
in cinemas on the 28th of November. 

A Mum in London

The bear statues have been designed 
by international renowned actors, 
athletes, artists, designers and celebrities. 

To name a few:
Nicole Kidman, Ben Whishaw, Emma Watson, 
Guy Ritchie, the Chelsea football team, David Beckham,   
and the city's own mayor, Boris Johnson 
{I can't wait to see that one}

A Mum in London

What's more important is that the bears 
will be auctioned to raise money for charities, 
like the NSPCC whose work is all about protecting vulnerable children.

Last but not least, Visit London, 
the official promotional organisation for London, 
is hosting a competition
where the lucky winners will win return trips to London, 
a stay in a 4* London hotel, 
£100 to spend in the Paddington shop and much more. 

Check out the map of the Paddington trail, watch the trail video, and find out more about The Paddington movie here.


  1. Whilst here in Bavaria we have one town decorated by cabbage statues! :D Paddington Bear from Peru does sound slightly more exotic! :D

    1. Ha ha, cabbage statues! I love Germans' sense of humour!

  2. Ohhh!!! I love when these statues go up in London! My favourite so far were the Easter Eggs, but I'm so excited about Paddington! I hear there will be Shawn the Sheep sometime next year too! Thanks for the heads up about these!


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