Friday, 31 October 2014

A Cosy Christmas

What's the best way to spend Christmas day? 

For me, that would be snuggled up in cosy, soft loungewear
with a hot chocolate in my hand 
and jacquard woollen socks on my feet. 

Doing nothing. 
{Except for opening presents.}

A Mum in London

Luckily, Morrisons' brilliant Nutmeg clothing collection 
decided to cater for adults too with a super festive range 
of Christmas jumpers and comfy loungewear.

Made with soft materials and featuring lovely details and patterns, 
Nutmeg's Christmas range will have the whole family 
all cosied up for a lot of cocooning. 

Plus, thanks to the very low prices and their lovely quality 
Nutmeg's onesies & Christmas jumpers 
will make perfect presents for friends and family. 

Men's blue onesie £15, Ladies heart onesie £12, Red PJs £6, Snowflake jumper £10.
See the Nutmeg Christmas collection and find your nearest shop

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