Thursday, 4 September 2014

Stansted airport: Travelling with Children

On our recent trip to the Greek Islands
we flew for the first time from Stansted airport. 

Although being a London airport, 
Stansted is technically situated in Essex,  
and is a good 90 minute ride from central London 
{more on that later}. 

So, following Heathrow & Gatwick airports' reviews, 
which have proved very popular on the blog, 
it's time for Stansted's one. 

A Mum in London

Stansted Airport: the Pros 

The size: 
Stansted is a fairly small airport, 
which is always a good thing when you travel with kids 
{you don't have to walk for miles to get your gate}.  

The security check: 
although there were no family priority lanes, 
we found Stansted's security check 
quick, effective, with minimum waiting times. 

The car parking: 
given going to Stansted airport is a short trip by itself, 
it's a relief to be able to park your car there 
with what you'd pay for train tickets.

Stansted Airport: the Cons 

The distance: 
Stansted is a good 90 minute car ride from central London 
and a 50 minute train journey away. 

No children's areas: 
apart from an old wooden toy table, 
I couldn't spot any other play areas. 

No step free access to plane: 
in Stansted one gives/receives their buggy on the tarmac, 
which means that one has to juggle children, buggy & hand luggage 
on a flight of stairs before boarding and after disembarking the plane.

The Verdict 
Great prices for car parking and efficient security check, 
but there is much room for improvement 
regarding the children's facilities and step free access. 

Child-friendly score: 6/10 

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