Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Brilliant Gifts: Illuminated Canvas

You know that feeling when your adorable child 
wakes up at 03:00 am demanding that you turn on the light 
to scare away the monster hiding behind the curtain?

Well, this has been happening a lot lately 
in A Mum in London's casa, 
where daunted by the prospect of yet another broken sleep
we decided it was high time for a radical solution.

A nightlight.

A Mum in London

This is exactly what prompted two parents 
to set up Illuminated Canvas
a company that creates the most amazing wall art:  

A canvas with incorporated LED lights 
that brightens up the walls and gives warmth to the room. 

Plus, the canvas doubles up as a very stylish nightlight. 
Win-win all around.

A Mum in London

Their children ranges feature canvases with adorable illustrations 
that can be personalised with the child's name,  
as well as the elegant Alphabet range, 
where you get to choose from a variety of letterings and colours. 

It really makes an ideal present 
for christenings, baby showers and birthdays. 

The handmade canvas is of high quality 
and the colourful illustrations 
are a welcome touch in your child's room 
{read: the Toddler welcomed his with enthusiastic clapping}. 

There is also a home range 
{I love this happy yellow one, perfect for a kitchen}, 
a wedding and a Christmas range. 

And they can also create canvasses 
from your favourite photos or your child's artwork. 

After all this, it really comes as no surprise 
that Illuminated Canvas has been voted Gift of the Year 
and has won many awards. 

In a nutshell: a brilliantly unique gift!

View all the ranges at Illuminated Canvas.
Prices from £34.95, choose from two sizes.

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