Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Christmas in July: the Argos edition

Being a blogger in London is never boring. 

In the midst of a heatwave, 
you might get invited to a gorgeous Marylebone town house  
and get greeted by an array of Christmas trees 
and a giant Lego Santa. 

Welcome to Christmas in July 
{it's a bit weird, but in a fun way}.

A Mum in London

Along with the Toddler, 
{who just couldn't believe his eyes}  
we had the chance to preview 
all the latest trends & products for Christmas 2014 
and here's what we report. 

We loved the FujiFilm Instax camera, 
which produces brilliant instant pictures 
and is super easy to operate 
{it makes a great present for gadgety dads}. 

I liked the festive tableware and decorations;   
they were simple and unpretentious, in warm shades of red. 

A Mum in London

In the toy room,
the Toddler was equally in awe & terrified
of a big moving dinosaur
{extra mummy points for being inflatable & easy to store}.

He also liked the floor piano keyboard,
ideal for creating family concerts by running along it.

We saw some other novelty toys,
like a creature with slime
{it's supposed to be a big hit with kids},
but I think Santa will be delivering more traditional toys to this house,
like the old time classic Lego toys.

After eating a few gingerbread Christmas cookies,
we waved goodbye to the giant Lego Santa
and I had to deal with convincing a 2 year old
that Father Christmas won't be visiting for another five months.

FujiFilm Instax, £80.99, at
See the whole Lego range at 

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