Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer Sundays on Regent Street

London can be many things; 
boring is not one of them. 

For instance, going for a walk and stumbling upon 
horse-drawn public transport,
stations made from Lego bricks,
and a cavalcade of 60 buses 
is considered pretty normal in London.

You see, Transport for London celebrates the Year of the Bus,
and the festivities involved filling Regent Street
with an amazing fleet of 60 buses.

From a 1829 horse bus to the most recent double decker,
this open air exhibition
was a powerful and nostalgic trip to the past
and a nice way to celebrate the iconic London bus.

There were many things for children to see and do, 
including a station made from Lego bricks, 
theatre and transport themed games. 

Although most kids just enjoyed 
going up and down the old buses 
and even {pretend} driving some.

A station made from Lego

The bad news is that the Bus Cavalcade was a one-off, 
but there are good news.

Following last year's success of Summer Streets, 
Regent Street is going to be traffic-free and event-full 
every Sunday in July. 

Expect happenings, food and lots of music. 

Perfect for a family fun day out in London  
{and a bit of shopping for mums}! 

More info about Summer Streets on Regent Street
Find out more about the Year of the Bus


  1. Super photos! I'm really regretting missing out on this on Sunday - I love vintage buses so much.

    1. It's a shame you missed it. I am certain you would have loved it!


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