Monday, 9 June 2014

En Route to Wimbledon Championships

It is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament, 
the only Grand Slam still played on grass, 
the original game's surface. 

It's famous for its strawberries & cream, 
royal spectators, and very long queues. 

It's the Wimbledon Tennis Championships,  
running from June 23 to July 6. 

A Mum in London

Getting There

The best and fastest way to get 
to Wimbledon Championships is with the tube. 

Get off at Southfields Station {District Line}
and then take a shuttle bus 
or walk 15 min via Wimbledon Park Road. 

There are plenty of stewards & signs 
to help you find your way to the All England Club.

A Mum in London

Wimbledon Queueing 

Wimbledon is one of the very few major UK sporting events 
where you can buy premium tickets on the day of play. 

Given the love of the British for tennis & queueing, 
that can only mean one thing: 
legendary & unending queues. 

People will actually camp in a park 

to get up early to queue for a chance to get a ticket 
{doesn't get more British}. 

Luckily, Wimbledon Park 
is a very nice place to do that. 

There is a cafeteria that serves hot meals, 
and there are toilet facilities and a playground with a paddling pool, 
in case you are crazy enough 
to attempt Wimbledon queueing with children! 

A Mum in London

Eating Out 

You will be eating strawberries & cream, 
but should you require something more 'filling'
I have a bonne adresse to share. 

Just opposite Southfields station 
is the best French deli in all London, Chanteroy. 

The baguettes are always crusty, 
the croissants are just like in France 
and long queues form everyday at lunch time 
for their custom made sandwiches 
{don't get me started on the tarte aux framboises}. 

Getting to Wimbledon Courts: Southfields station, District Line, more info
Chanteroy French Deli, 233a Wimbledon Park Rd, London SW18 5RJ
Practical info about the Wimbledon Queue

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  1. You've made me start hankering after a ticket now!
    Can you believe, I was there once - centre court, women's finals, hospitality lunch, as much champagne as you could ever want. And I was 38 weeks pregnant!!!! Talk about torture!

  2. Wow, you were lucky to get tickets to the finals!
    And yes, champagne + 38 weeks = my idea of torture too :)

  3. You're going to Wimbledon!? Have a brilliant time! That French Deli sounds delicious.

    1. Thanks, it really is (very bad for my waistline)!

  4. This made me soooo London-sick! We used to live thereI That deli was my local! Have an amazing time if you're going. x

    1. They do have the best baguette in town, don't they?


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