Thursday, 22 May 2014

London Spring Window Displays

Paris and London may be very different, 
but they sure have one thing in common. 
Gorgeous window displays 
that  make passersby pause to take a look. 

I have fond memories of my French grandmother taking us  
to see the Grands Magasins displays in Paris 
and saying, 'It costs nothing to look'. 

Yes, as long as you don't go in! 

A Mum in London

Fortnum & Mason 

It's advisable not to look at Fortnum's displays 
if you are hungry. 

Filled with tiny macarons, fine chocolates 
exquisite hampers and divine porcelain cups, 
 this is a foodie's heaven. 

Favourite bit: the fragile piles of plates and cups 
to create mini towers of loveliness.

A Mum in London

Liberty London

If you're looking for London's most artistic displays,  
then head to Liberty. 

May's window displays get inspired 
by Henri Matisse's Cut-Outs 
(currently exhibited at the Tate Modern
and fill your eyes with a generous dose of colour & art. 

Favourite bit: the paper jellyfish.

A Mum in London

John Lewis 

John Lewis celebrates 150 years 
and has dressed up all the windows with a retro feel. 

You'll see history unravelling through vintage products, 
panels and a wallpaper highlighting all the important events 
in the brand's history. 

Favourite bit: the cartoon-style wallpaper 
with all the scribbles. 

A Mum in London


You can always count on Selfridges windows 
to clog up the busy Oxford Street pavement. 

This spring, Selfridges statement-windows 
deliver messages about true beauty 
{the one that come from inside} 
in a way that doesn't go unnoticed. 

Favourite bit: the mirror which prompts a smile 
by asking 'When was the last time you smiled back?'

~ ~ ~

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Fortnum & Mason nearest tube station: Green Park & Piccadilly Circus
Liberty London nearest tube station: Piccadilly Circus & Oxford Circus 
John Lewis nearest tube station: Oxford Circus & Bond Street 
Selfridges nearest tube station: Oxford Circus & Bond Street 

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  1. I adore Liberty! That is my favourite shop when I visit London. Fortnum & Mason is my Father's favourite. When he visits London, he always goes in to buy some foodie treat!

    1. Fortnum's is my mum's favourite too. When she visits, she always go there to stock up on tea & marmalade :)

  2. Oh how lovely. I always take the kids to look at the windows at Christmas time, but I hadn't really thought about doing it for the summer displays. What lovely colours there are this year!

    1. Yes, beautiful colours. That is why I love summer displays: they are always so full of nice, bright colours!

  3. Ooh I love looking in shop windows, especially at Christmas. Selfridges usually knocks it out the park and yes Fortnum & Mason always draws you in. Exquisite!

    1. Thank you :)
      And you are right, Selfridges displays are usually the best in town.

  4. I often take window displays for granted, when some of them, take Liberties above, are clearly works of art!

    1. Yes, they can be gorgeous and Liberty's are always like mini art installations.

  5. Fortnums windows are just the best aren't they ... always a must see. Thanks so much for sharing at #OurLondon, Alice @ Outdoors in London


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