Monday, 12 May 2014

Home or Away?

We've only been in the UK for two years, 
but I have already noticed that it's a beautiful country 
 with many gorgeous holiday destinations. 

What I hadn't noticed though 

is that it can be so diversely scenic. 

And this discovery was made 

when I took Parkdean's Home or Away Quiz

Enter to win a fantastic Parkdean Holiday worth up to £750

It was surprising to see 'tropical' beaches, 
picturesque 'Italian' fishing villages 
and 'Riviera-like' seafront promenades. 

All in the UK apparently.

I assure you, take the quiz, you'll be amazed. 

Plus, you stand a chance to win 
 a seven-night holiday worth up to £750

All you have to do is take the quiz 
and then sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ 
to enter the competition (until May 18).  

For the record, I scored 755 points. 

And I totally want to go 
to that amazing endless white sand beach!

Competition open till May 18.
Terms & conditions here.

Disclosure: Post in association with Parkdean.

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