Thursday, 24 April 2014

Gatwick Airport: Travelling with Children

Following a post about Heathrow airport's 'child-friendliness'
{and a recent trip to Greece for Easter},
it's Gatwick airport's turn to be reviewed
as to what they do {or don't} offer
to families travelling with children. 

A Mum in London

Getting to Gatwick Airport
The easiest & fastest way to reach Gatwick airport
from central London is by train.
The journey is approximately 40 min
and train tickets start from ~£10 {children go free}.

Gatwick Airport's Facilities for Families
Gatwick airport is not as organised for families as Heathrow,
but it has some features that are helpful:

The family lanes for security check
{helpful & time saving}.

The kids zone {which could use a refurbishment}
and Boots after security to buy milk.

The pushchairs pick up points
{brilliant idea for parents who disembark a plane
carrying sleepy toddlers, coats and hand luggage}.

The Verdict

Pros: Family priority lanes for security check,
free pushchairs to get from the plane to baggage reclaim.

Cons: neglected, dirty kids zone,
baby changing areas are not next to toilets
{not very practical}.

In a nutshell: A good airport when you fly with kids,
but there is room for improvement.

Child-friendly score: 7/10

~ ~ ~

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Find out more about Gatwick Airport's family facilities.


  1. I didn't know there was a kid's area! I do love a family lane though. Have vowed never to take an early morning flight again though - hell on earth.

    1. We avoid early morning flights here too, they are too stressful & can ruin the vacation mood :)

  2. It's really not acceptable that for anything in an airport to be grubby so I hope Gatwick sorts that out because I really prefer Gatwick to Heathrow. We find Gatwick parking super affordable, convenient and organised but ultimately, I think not having to deal with South African Airways at Heathrow is a plus!!

    1. I agree, it would be better not to have a kids zone at all, than to have one so neglected... We like Heathrow a lot but then again we don't fly to South Africa ;)

  3. We fly from Gatwick in June when our lg will be 6 months. We have a dreaded 6am flight so I'm really hoping it all goes to plan and we have no drama haha x

    1. Oh, good luck, early morning flights can be hard even when you have no kids! Preparation & loads of patience can help make it easier though ;)

  4. I've always found Gatwick fairly family friendly, I do like the family lane because you don't feel rushed there with all the other families. The free pushchairs weren't there last time we flew but I think they are a fantastic idea, I'm hoping they are about when we fly next month. It can be a long way to walk from the gate!

    1. Yes, the pushchairs are brilliant, I was so happy when I saw them! I think it's a new feature, would be surprised if they're not there in a month. Happy travels :)

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