Thursday, 10 April 2014

Expat Bloggers: a Journey

Recently, Internations asked expat bloggers 
a few simple questions about expatriation.

The results were anything but predictable. 

Interestingly, travelling & living the adventure 
is the main reason for moving abroad,  
closely followed by more practical {and romantic} reasons, 
like following a partner/spouse.

Red tape is the biggest hurdle 
expats need to overcome {no surprise here},  
while making new friends is the second biggest challenge. 

The embodiment of culture shock 
may come in the form of local mentality,  
but I was not surprised to see that weather 
can also get you the expat blues. 

When asked what was the most valuable thing 
expat bloggers brought from home, 
a staggering 60% answered their laptop 
{they are bloggers, after all}.

Finally and most surprisingly, 
what's the biggest problem expat face when return home? 
Yes, mentality again, but the other way round. 

Infographic from Internations


  1. I think I remember filling this questionnaire in... Such interesting results. I love looking at the percentages of the countries where people have ended up. I know I am not a "lifer" here, and it makes me wonder how many people actually are, or how many will move on or return... questions questions! :)

    1. It is interesting to see, isnt'it, that there are so many people in the same boat, feeling the same feelings... love looking at the countries too, it's like a mini travel around the world :)


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