Thursday, 13 March 2014

Top Expat Tips for Families

Moving to another country with kids 
can be a stressful & intense experience. 

After going through that process with a baby,
I felt that every little piece of advice counts & helps.

So, when I was recently asked to contribute 
to HiFX's expat tip campaign,
I was delighted to share my top expat tips  
for families moving abroad.

Expat Tips for Families, A Mum in London
Before the Move

1. Prepare & familiarise children with the new country. 
Talk to them about the new home,  
read them books, show them pictures. 

2. When choosing your new home, 
make sure it is within the catchment area 
of good & suitable schools. 

3. Try to take some favourite toys/decorative objects with you. 
Cargo shipping can take a while to arrive 
and children will be happy to find 
familiar objects in their new room. 
After the Move 

4. Plan a fun family activity in your new city 
as soon as you move {unpacking can wait}. 
Nothing beats expat blues more efficiently 
than playing tourists and discovering new places.

5. Find your nearest children's centres & playgroups. 
By socialising and making new friends, 
children adapt more easily to the new reality. 

6. It is OK to feel sad/lost/homesick. 

It's part of the expat process.  
Children should be encouraged to express those feelings; 
this will make the transition easier.


  1. You are so wise... Lots of great tips here. If I can add one? If your child isn't happy with the school that you have chosen, by all means give it time, but if they still aren't happy, look to move them. This is something I really wish I had done with our first expat location. But hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it? Hope all is well! Emma :)

    1. Thank you, Emma, that is a great & very helpful tip.
      Yes, it's wonderful being an expat, despite the difficult moments!
      Greetings from sunny London :)

  2. Really a well penned post... :)

    can you please advise few best places to go with kids in London?

    1. Hi, you can have a look in the London for Kids section of the blog;
      there are lots of fun things you can do in London with children.


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