Monday, 3 March 2014

Staple Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers and toys
it can be complicated. 

You present a toddler with a brand new toy. 
Enthusiastic clapping & cries of joy ensue. 

Seven minutes later: 
the not-so-brand-new-toy is tossed to the side 
and the toddler is happily playing 
with an empty tube of hand cream. 

After decluttering several mountains of unplayed toys,
the motto is: 'simple, affordable, not bulky'.  

A Mum in London

Pretend Food 

Play: hours of cooking exotic toddler recipes
 and then proudly feeding the whole household. 

Learn: discovering different foods,  
becoming more independent by playing alone
and feeling helpful. 

Love: I like the wooden, sturdy material 
and that it's easy to store. 
The Toddler loves being the one
who does the feeding for a change.

A Mum in London

Rubber Ducks

Play: ducks go everywhere; 
to the pool, to the park, to the supermarket. 
Ducks do anything: they fly, squirt,
splash & will even double as boats.

Learn: not much, admittedly, 
but it is a fun toy.  

Love: I like that they are cheap, 
therefore easily replaceable.
The Toddler likes giving them various uses:
From piloting planes to being a tiger's meal, 
ducks rule. 

A Mum in London

Building Bricks

Play: hours of fun building houses, trains, aeroplanes. 

Learn: basic geometry, colours, shapes, 
using his hands & imagination to create. 

Love: Parents love to play with Legos too. 
I love building beautiful little houses 
& my Toddler simply loves demolishing them.  

Pretend Food by Melissa & Doug, £15.
Rubber Ducks, Mothercare, £6.
Building Bricks, Lego Duplo, from £10.


  1. We received presents needing batteries from well-meaning friends and family for our toddler, at Christmas, then they break and/or the batteries die. I prefer more old-fashioned sturdy toys too!

    1. I have a bit of a pet hate for toys with batteries, but then again you can't avoid them when they are presents given with love.

  2. Great list, and very much seconded by my toddler!
    I love the idea of taking rubber ducks out with you. Might try that! Our top toy to take out at the moment is a bunch of play keys as M is obsessed with 'unlocking' things.

    1. Yes, the keys! The Toddler went through the key toy phase as well, now he'll only play with real ones!


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