Friday, 28 March 2014

Hidden Greece: Unspoilt Islands

Planning your summer vacations? 

Want to avoid tourist crowds, 
and walk a bit off the beaten path?

If yes, why not take a look 
at those gorgeous & unspoilt Greek islands?

A Mum in London

Where: Serifos is in the Cyclades complex 
in the Aegean Sea (take ferry from Piraeus).  

In brief: A rather small island with a picturesque hilltop village 
and a few quiet, clean beaches.

Best thing: the town hall's square
the best place to have a coffee & traditional pastry.

A Mum in London

Where: Part of the Ionian Sea,
Kythira is a 7 hour ferry trip from Athens
{totally worth it, in my opinion}.

In brief: an absolutely beautiful island,
with lots of green & the most amazing beaches.

Best thing: go for an early morning dive
in the waterfall of Milopotamos village.

A Mum in London

Where: one of the Little Cyclades islands,
Shoinoussa is in the Aegean Sea, next to Naxos.

In brief: it's tiny, you walk everywhere,
and the beaches have the most blue waters.

Best thing: after two days,
you know everyone on the island.

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You can find more info about Serifos, Kythira & Shoinoussa on official Visit Greece


  1. Ahhh looks so gorgeous! Don't know about a seven-hour ferry with three kids though!

    1. Yeah, three kids on a ferry for 7 hours may be a bit of a challenge ;) But tottally worth it, if you go sans kids/older kids!


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