Friday, 14 February 2014

Sensing Spaces at the Royal Academy of Arts

Imagine an exhibition where you are asked 
to touch, climb, feel the exhibits, 
even create a part of them. 

Well, this is London and everything is possible,  
so why not take a look 
at the Royal Academy of Arts? 

Sensing Spaces, A Mum in London
Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Sensing Spaces

Seven architectural practices from all over the world 
transformed the Royal Academy into a magical space 
(like the ones you see in movies or dreams)... 

...and the best part: 
kids are more than welcome 
{plus they visit free}.

Sensing Spaces, A Mum in London
Diébédo Francis Kéré

Architectural Wonderland

An enormous wooden tower 
will take you to see the gallery's ceiling angels.

A dark labyrinth hides a surprise at its end.

Colourful straws & a tunnel make art,  
while light, space & air play with each other... 

Kengo Kuma

Art for Kids

The Sensing Spaces exhibition 
is extremely child-friendly. 

There are no 'do not touch' or 'quiet, please' signs; 
children are encouraged 
to explore and interact with the exhibits.

Plus, the Royal Academy organises 
brilliant family workshops (most of them are free) 
to initiate children of all ages to art. 

In a nutshell: great {artistic} fun for all the family!

Sensing Spaces exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, until the 6th of April.
Adults: £14.00, children under 12 go free.
Find out more about the Royal Academy's family workshops.


  1. It looks like a lot of fun - are adults allowed to climb on everything too? I love places like this that allow children to really learn and explore - I find the restrictions sometimes put on children simply unnecessary.

    1. Yes, you can climb, touch, create too, it is a very interesting exhibition. You are right about restrictions, and it is refreshing that most museums in London are so child-friendly.


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