Saturday, 8 February 2014

Iceland's Enchanting Tulipop World

Iceland is high on our travel bucket list. 

This little island in the middle of a {frozen} ocean 
with the stunning landscapes has magic powers: 
it makes us wanna fill our suitcases with wool hats & scarfs. 

So when I heard that Iceland's top children's brand, 
Tulipop World, is launching in the UK 
I couldn't wait to find out more.

Tulipop World, A Mum in London

Meet Tulipop World

...a world of colourful, quirky, adorable creatures 
who live on a very special island
and have lots of magical adventures.

Tulipop was created by two Icelandic mums
who wanted to offer their children fun,
original & non gender specific characters to play with. 

From Bubbles, the shy romantic mushroom,
to Mr Tree, the good-hearted tree that collects gems,
Tulipop is all about fantasy, colours & imagination.

Tulipop Tablewear, A Mum in London

Tulipop offers a range of quality tableware,
home accessories, posters and stationery.

I really liked the use of bold colours
(who knew dark colours would look so nice on kids' products?)
and the original, full of cute details characters
(a refreshing alternative to princess/trains related kids' ranges).

Tulipop World was an instant hit with the Toddler,
who now spends the whole mealtime
counting flowers on his Tulipop plate!

Tulipop products are available online at

Disclosure: I was invited to the UK launch and received Tulipop products 
for the purposes of this reviewWording & views my own.


  1. Great idea! Everything is a sea of pink, from clothes to play/sports to bedroom items if you have a girl and pink is seen only as a girl's colour in the UK. Drives me mad! I do have two boys, but my friends with girls find it very annoying. We need more of this kind of thing with a variety of colours that are unisex.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. It's easier with boys, I guess; you avoid all that pink! But, yes, we definitely need more non gender specific children's products.

  2. Oooh, those are really cute and not all that badly priced wither, considering that they are so durable! I love visiting your blog - not have little ones myself, I often don't see the cute and trendy side of childhood anymore.


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