Monday, 3 February 2014

Cute as a {French} Button

I might not be completely impartial {blame my French origins}, 
but when looking for the best children wear
the label will most probably be in French.

French clothes for kids are classic, elegant, cute, 
 and reflect childhood's innocence
{certainly not for dressing up mini adult replicas}.

Jacadi, A Mum in London


The brand: founded in 1976, Jacadi creates
high quality children wear & footwear
with a distinct chic parisien.

The tag: that French chic is reflected on the price tag,
but it's worth the price is you're looking
for kids' wardrobe staples & occasion wear.

Best buys: girl's summer dresses
(with gorgeous Liberty motifs)
& boy's formal outfits & shoes
(they stock beautiful, quality shoes).

Cyrillus, A Mum in London


The brand: created in 1977 by a mother
who couldn't find children's clothes to her taste,
Cyrillus is all about simple & classic design.

The tag: affordable & good value.

Best buys: adorable kids' formal wear

and cute home accessories
to decorate little one's bedroom.

Petit Bateau, A Mum in London


The brand: the legendary French label, founded in 1893,

revolutionised the clothing world
by creating the first panties in 1918.

The tag: a bit steep, but worth it

for its excellent quality and classic designs.

Best buys: obviously the 100% soft cotton underwear,

their Breton striped marinières 
and the beautiful raincoats & parkas.

You can find Jacadi's collection in London's stores (they don't have a UK online shop), more info at

Cyrillus ship all over the world at

Petit Bateau has a UK online shop, more info at


  1. What a cute post but it made me gasp - no panties before 1918??? How awful! I have a new appreciation for the tortures of Victorian clothing.

  2. Thanks, Mandy! I was equally surprised - how did people manage before that?!

  3. YUCK. I had absolutely no idea. I saw an image recently of a child in Vietnam. She was wearing no diapers but 'split pants'. Totally gross.

    1. One more reason to be thankful for Petit Bateau then!
      ps: I don't even want to imagine what 'split pants' are.

  4. There is something about French children's clothing that is impossibly cute and stylish. I love it!


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