Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Classical Music for Kids: Aurora Orchestra's Concerts

The Toddler has two big loves: music & books

So you can imagine his joy when I announced 
that he was going to attend a real concert, 
with real musical instruments & real musicians. 

A classical music concert just for children; 
from 0 to 5 years!

Aurora Orchestra Children Concerts, A Mum in London

A Musical Fairytale

The concerts, which last 30 minutes, 
are specially conceived to keep the little ones entertained 
while they enjoy high quality classical executions 
from Aurora Orchestra's talented musicians. 

  By using simple props, like bubbles & balloons, 
and a beautiful narrative, 
the musicians interact with the children, 
and manage to create a magical setting.

Aurora Orchestra Children Concerts, A Mum in London

Little Musicophiles

When, in a room full of babies & toddlers, 
you don't hear a single cry, 
you know this is good. 

 It was a real joy to see babies, toddlers & preschoolers 
move along to the music, participate in the storytelling,  
and clap their little hands with enthusiasm. 

Aurora Orchestra Children Concerts, A Mum in London

Who, Where, When

Aurora Orchestra is a British chamber orchestra 
known for mixing different art forms 
and taking classical music outside concert halls.

They are based in Kings Place, 
a beautiful building next to Kings Cross station. 
(tip: have a delicious organic lunch 
at the Green & Fortune Cafe). 

There are only 3 more days programmed:   
Saturday 5 April, 31 May and 13 September
and tickets are selling out fast. 

Finally & most importantly, 
tickets start at £4.50. 

In a nutshell: affordable high quality family outing. 

For more information about Aurora Orchestra concerts, please click here.

Disclosure: We were invited to attend the concert. 
Wording & views my own.


  1. That sounds amazing. It always surprises me at how receptive and appreciative of classical music young children can be! :)

    1. It is really great, thank you! I was amazed too at how babies responded to the music!


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