Friday, 10 January 2014

The Regent's Park: a Royal Affair

The Regent's Park is one of London's eight royal parks, 
and it is probably the most elegant 
(some would even say posh). 

At first, it was the private park 
of the neighbouring terraces' residents; 
in 1835 a part of the Regent's Park opened to the public 
and since then it's Londoners' urban retreat of choice.

A Mum in London

Located in a chic neighbourhood 
and surrounded by beautiful terraces 
(expect a 'house envy' feeling),
what was once Henry VIII's hunting grounds  
is now a refuge for wildlife. 

Surprisingly, 200 bird species live here, 
in the very heart of London. 
We spot new species every time we go 
(the Toddler is very impressed by herons).

A Mum in London

In summer it is a premium spot for picnics 
(nothing like a cool place under an oak tree 
to munch on sandwiches).

You can also rent a boat 
and go for some boating on the lake.

A Mum in London

In winter it is perfect for long {romantic} promenades. 
The perfectly manicured gardens 
and the gracious fountains in Regent's Park
transport you to bygone eras.

A Mum in London

There is also a playground 
with wooden play equipment for the little ones  
and an open air theatre.

And if you want to see {and smell} an amazing 12.000 roses
do not forget to visit 
the beautiful Queen Mary's garden.

The Regent's Park nearest tube station is Baker Street 
For more info and maps, please visit


  1. It's one of my favourite parks. Love it.

    1. At first, I was not a fan - Holland park is by far my favourite London park. It took me several visits to really appreciate Regent's Park (it's maybe a bit too posh for me).

  2. Oh i do miss london sometimes (when i read your blog!)

    1. Thanks, Katie, it's so nice to read comments like this one! #happyblogger

  3. I love Regent's Park. Always so lovely, no matter what time of year you go there. My kids love the zoo so we have been there a few times, and I always enjoy it so much. Next time though I am going to look for those roses!

    1. Please do, they are splendid - not at this time of the year though :)

  4. I have wandered through Regent's Park so many times - it's nice to know a little bit more about it

  5. I think I'd be very impressed by the herons too! They are so elegant and graceful. I once took part in the Race for Life in Regents Park but haven't been again. I must do so!

  6. Love Regents Park. Don't they have a lido, too?

    1. It's lovely and so british, isnt'it? I didn't know that Regent's Park had a lido, will check it out!


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