Thursday, 2 January 2014

Greek Islands: Visiting Syros

It's almost automatic. 
As soon as Christmas is over, 
I start planning summer vacations

In places warmer and sunnier than London 
(that's a no-brainer). 

In places surrounded by sea, 
where it feels good to live outside

Syros Island, Greece - A Mum in London

Meet Syros

Situated in the Aegean Sea
Syros is the capital of the Cyclades complex. 

It is a big island not far from Athens 
(four hours by boat), which boasts 
one of the most beautiful cities in Greece: 

Hermoupolis, the city of god Hermes.

Agios Nicolaos, Syros, A Mum in London

A Day in Hermoupolis

Hermoupolis's trademark are its grand mansions,  
that reflect the island's former glory & wealth 
as an important trading center.

Start your day with a coffee at the City Hall's square
(a premium spot for watching people passing by);

Go for some shopping in the city's cobbled streets,
have lunch in a restaurant overlooking the harbour;

In the evening enjoy the sunset sipping a cocktail
from one of the mansions terraces,
or by the sea at the beach bar Asteria
(you can even go for night-swimming).

Syros Island, Greece - A Mum in London

Syros Beaches 

You won't find the breathtakingly beautiful beaches
of other Greek islands in Syros.
Nonetheless, Syros's beaches are clean and ideal for families,
with shallow waters and sand.

We liked Delfini and Komito beach (picture below),
where we spent a whole day like lizards under the sun.

Komito Beach Syros, A Mum in London

Sightseeing in Syros

Ano Syros: this charming village with stunning views
is set on the hill over Hermoupolis.
Its little white houses with brightly coloured doors
give the village a cycladic feel.

Ano Syros Village, Greece, A Mum in London

Practical Titbits

How to get there: there are two ways. With Easyjet's direct flight from London to Mykonos (3h40min) and then the ferry (60 minutes) or via Athens (3h30min) and then the ferry (4h).

Where to stay: we stayed at Villa Selena, a tastefully renovated neoclassical villa with views over the sea. For higher budgets, Hotel Ploes, a stunningly beautiful mansion, would be an excellent choice.

Read more about SyrosGreek National Tourism Organisation
Accomodation at &


  1. Wow, it looks really lovely there! The Greek Islands are definitely on my wishlist but somehow we keep going to other places first. I'd definitely take the flight to Mykonos and ferry from there because a 4 hour ferry ride would not be fun for me!

    1. Thanks, Mandy! The Greek islands are a great destination with lots of sun (perfect for Londoners)!

  2. Oh God me too! The second I feel the January Blues setting in I get online for holidays ;) x I have booked two already... lol x I love Greece - got married there nearly 4 years ago... but must go back soon ;) xx

    1. Two holidays??!! That's great, sounds like a nice vacation plan :)
      I agree, Greece is so nice, especially in the summer!

  3. Ha! I'm the same. Planning and booking summer 2014 at the moment :) x

    1. Oh, good, I'm not the only one with vacation obsession. Happy summer 2014!

  4. Ha! I'm the same. Planning and booking summer 2014 at the moment :) x

  5. Ha! We booked our summer holiday on the 29th December :) Syros looks beautiful - I''m longing to go back to lovely mediterranean style village holidays

    1. Nothing beats the Mediterranean for summer vacations, especially if you have kids! I really like your planning: booking summer vacations before New year's (and I thought I was organised)!


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