Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Blogging Pregnancy

After days of struggling with blog design, 
writing {and binning} your first posts, 
you hit the 'publish' button and send your blog into the ether

Then, sitting in front of your screen, 
you realise you're really 'out there' 
and there is a brief & sudden rush 
of a 'scared-but-happy-let's-conquer-the-world' feeling. 

A bit like the one I got when I saw the (+) sign on the stick.

A Blogging Pregnancy, A Mum in London

First Trimester

Feeling: it's like your first day at school. 
Everything is new, you know no one, 
everybody seems much cooler than you. 

Craving├╝ber-cute professional blog design.

Missing: sleep - insomnia hits you in the form 
of a million post ideas per minute the moment you shut your eyes.

Highs: when top UK parenting site, Mumsnet
makes you a featured blogger.

Lows: when you realise that, no, your blog isn't that popular in Russia
On the other hand, your vocabulary is enriched
with words like 'spambots' & 'fake pageviews'. 

Second Trimester

Feeling: You're getting the hang of it,  
making new friends and even start to enjoy yourself.

Craving: 1000 followers on Twitter. 
You don't look so good with only 67.

Missing: the days when a family outing 
didn't involve you stopping every 30 seconds to take a picture. 

Highs: when the Tate retweets your post about Tate Modern 
to one million followers.

Lows: when you realise that the 'social media nightmare
just got worse: you have to set up
a Facebook & a Pinterest account.

Third Trimester

Feeling: you're feeling a bit old, heavy & tired; it's normal. 
New blogs have appeared 
and your blogging mojo isn't what it used to be.

Craving: for some peace & quiet 
to write that brilliant post you had in mind 
{note: you never write it}.

Missing: the naive excitement of your first blogging days.

Highs: when the other top UK parenting site, BritMums
believes you to be "One of the Blogs to Watch for 2014".

Lows: when you get yet another PR email 
from someone who is paid to convince you 
to advertise their client for free.

~ ~ ~

...and 9 months later, like with all pregnancies,
you still haven't figure out what's in store for you and your baby{blog}.


  1. What a cute post!!! I absolutely agree. There have been far more highs than lows in this blogging journey but man, PR companies make me sad.

    1. Oh yes, some of them are simply from another planet {to put it mildly}.

  2. So funny and true!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. Pregnancy is the best thing that happens in a woman!


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