Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Kindle Fire HDX and {some} FreeTime Review

I was recently {& very generously} given
the new Kindle Fire HDX tablet to review.

The Kindle tablet was an instant hit
with both Mr K and the Toddler
(unlike me, they are both very tech-savvy).

The tablet passed the scrutinising examination
of the whole K's family and here are our three reviews:

The mum's review

I'm really thrilled with the Kindle FreeTime feature.
The FreeTime is a contained space, secured by password, 
for the little ones 
(no more sticky fingers deleting precious documents 
- huge sigh of relief from Mr K). 

The parents can set up personalised profiles for their children 
with their favourite apps, games & books. 

Kindle FreeTime Review - A Mum in London

The genius of the Kindle FreeTime
is that you can limit your child's screen time 
(I set it up to 30 min per day). 
When that time has passed, the device shuts down. 

In practice, this feature helps
avoid painful negotiations like, 
"Five more minutes and I promise I'll eat my soup", 
as the Toddler quickly learned to obey to the Kindle's time's up

The dad's review

The Kindle Fire HDX has two features that won over Mr K's heart:
the Mayday Button & the Kindle view.

The Mayday button reflects Amazon's top customer service.
When you tap on it, you are instantly connected to a tech advisor 
who can help you with any problem you have
and can even take remote control of your device.

Kindle Fire HDX Mayday - A Mum in London

{I suspect Mr K was thrilled by this,
as he will no longer be asked to provide
IT assistance to his technophobic wife}.

The other feature Mr K loved
is that you can view articles the Kindle way,
without annoying commercials & pop-ups.

The kid's review 

As soon as the Toddler entered the FreeTime zone,
I knew I would finally have some Free Time too.

He loves the apps & games (no surprise here)
and quickly learned to navigate through FreeTime
(the menu is easy & user-friendly).

Kindle FreeTime Characters, A Mum in London

He is also delighted with the Fire HDX's camera.
As the camera is front-facing,
we have lots of fun taking selfies,
which we then edit with filters & fun stickers
(I'm sorry, they're too silly to publish).

The Verdict

If you are looking for a tablet to suit all the family,
the Kindle Fire HDX ticks many boxes.

The FreeTime feature ensures your child
will take advantage of all this technology,
but in a contained and safe way.

My only "but" is the one touch purchase button.
I disabled it as it can easily be pressed accidentally
and you can end up with swollen bills
(to the horror of Mr K).

As for grown-ups, the Kindle Fire HDX
has everything you could ask from a tablet with a plus:
the MayDay help feature, which makes it really user-friendly
for less tech-savvy persons (like me).

Kindle Fire HDX, available from, from £199.00

Disclosure: I was given a Kindle Fire HDX tablet 
for the purposes of this review
Wording & views my own.


  1. We got a Kindle Fire earlier this year but I only recently discovered the wonders of Free Time. The puzzle games and (slightly) animated Beatrix Potter stories are my favorite. I may have been more excited to discover Peter Rabbit on there than my three year old.
    I didn't know about the mayday button--I'll have to see if my version came with that.

    1. Hi, Jenn. The Mayday button is really very helpful.
      I didn't know there were animated Beatrix Potter stories, thanks for letting me know (I'm a huge fan of Peter Rabbit too), going to download them. :)

  2. What a great review! I love that you have three points of view - super helpful. I will definitely be moving over to a Kindle Fire if and when my old Kindle dies.

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you found it helpful!


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