Tuesday, 3 December 2013

London's Christmas Windows: a Virtual Tour

December is in, it's official; 
Christmas is here.  
Indulging oneself with advent chocolates, 
shopping & reckless spending 
is no longer considered taboo. 

Nor is gazing at {fat} men in red...

Selfridges Christmas Windows, A Mum in London

Selfridges' Christmas Windows

The theme: oversized objects of desire
(ex. a gigantic YSL clutch)
overlook Christmassy settings full of mini Santas. 

The feel: It's like being a 2 year old in Christmas Wonderland;
you want everything you see.

The highlight: the delicious gingerbread London display,
made from biscuits and caramel.

Fortnum & Mason Christmas Windows, A Mum in London

Fortnum & Mason's Christmas Windows

The theme: traditional, retro displays 
of Christmas time in the ideal 50s family. 

The feeling: It's like watching an old feelgood Christmas movie: 
warm & cosy.

The highlight: the perfect housewife
rushing out of her kitchen with her pudding. 

Liberty Christmas Windows, A Mum in London

Liberty's Christmas Windows

The theme: inspired by Christmas crackers,
Liberty's displays are fresh & colourful.

The feel: It's like drinking a refreshing cocktail,
while watching the snow falling.

The highlight: The rubber duck inside a fine porcelain cup.

Harrods London's Christmas Windows, A Mum in London

Harrods' Christmas Windows

The theme: Harrods Express wagons display
the 1900s version of a very, very glamorous Christmas.

The feel: It's like watching The Great Gatsby,
while munching on caviar and sipping champagne. 

The highlight: the macarons' pyramids in almost every display.

Click here to see more photos of London's Christmas windows displays.


  1. As I'm not going to London again until next year, it's been lovely to see these pics on your blog!

    1. Thank you, Louisa, happy you liked them :)

  2. Ooh wish I'd been to Fortum and Mason - that looks brilliant! Lovely idea for a post - our favourites this year were John Lewis - really imaginative

    1. Thank you. I missed John Lewis's windows (Oxford Street was way too crowded), I'll go have a look on a less busy time (if that exists)!

  3. Your blog sounds interesting, hope we'll share news! Cheers from London!

    1. Thanks, yes, why not! But I do not speak Italian ;)

  4. You know what's really sad - I have been both to Selfridges and Harrods yesterday and it has been so crowded and I so stressed - I didn't even look at the displays :-(

    1. Oh yes, it can get very, very crowded. I guess the only way to see the Christmas displays in peace is to go there at 5 o'clock in the morning :)

  5. Love this post, love a good shop window! So far I've only snapped a pic of Hamley's - thought it'd make a good SilentSunday shot! Off into town today, can't wait to head to Liberty!

    1. Thank you & have fun! Will check your Sunday pic to see which one prevailed :)

  6. Good Efforts taken dear.. :)
    Your Christmas windows virtual tour is very exciting ..As my virtual tour will be a dream come true..I am going to London in next week at my friends house and hope your tour will help me at that time.

    1. Thank you, hope you have a great time in London :)

  7. Thank you for the virtual tour! Christmas windows is something you don't really see here in Lima -or at least not as fine and detailed ones like in Europe (and Christmas has a different feeling when it's sunny and summerly).

    1. You're very welcome, Anna!
      I would like to experience the sunny & symmerly Christmas once - I bet it must be fun going to the beach on Christmas day!
      Regards from (nearly frozen) London :)

  8. I love Christmas windows! I love the ones that have the special displays like John Lewis and Selfridges, but I also love just walking along Oxford & Regent st. and just look at all the "regular" windows. Everyone has something special for Christmas! Loved the post :) x

    1. Thanks, Orli. London in Christmas time is really beautiful, isn't it?

  9. Ooooh, I like the Fortnum and Masons one the best but I don't like Liberty's. Great photos!

    1. Thanks, Mandy! Yes, Fortnum's windows are very Christmassy :)


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