Tuesday, 10 December 2013

London's Museums: the Natural History Museum

It is possibly the favourite museum 
of children (judging by their numbers). 

It is probably the most "museumy" building 
in the whole wide world. 

And it is certainly the only place in London 
to see dinosaurs & a huge blue whale.

Natural History Museum, A Mum in London

Meet the Natural History Museum

Set in a beautiful imposing building 
in London's museumland (aka South Kensington), 
the NHM opened its gates in 1881. 

It was described as a "temple of nature"; 
and that's exactly what it is, 
but in a fun way

Natural History Museum, A Mum in London

Inside the Natural History Museum

The numbers: 55 million animals,
9 million fossils, 17 million insects, 3200 meteorites.

The galleries: there is the dinosaurs' gallery
(beware: some dinosaurs might move),
the birds' gallery
(do not miss the famous Dodo bird)
the mammals' gallery
(home to an immensely big blue whale),
to state a few.

The visitor: from toddlers to grandparents,
no one leaves the NHM unimpressed.
Some exhibits may even initiate thoughts
like "Oh, dear, I'm so small".

Natural History Museum, A Mum in London

Natural History Museum Facts

Entrance is free (except for special exhibitions).

There are so many exciting things to see, 
that it would be wise to plan your visit ahead.

The NHM is a very child-friendly museum,
with special exhibits for kids to touch & explore.

The museum also plans lots of activities for children,
be sure to check them online before visiting.

Natural History Museum, A Mum in London

There is a big restaurant with fair prices,
as well as cafes & picnic areas.

Last but not least,
the Natural History Museum has
definitely the most romantic ice rink in London.

For more information, please visit the Natural History Museum's website.

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  1. I share your love for this museum! I spot something brand new and exciting every time we visit!

    1. It's true! There are so many things to see every time, never getting bored!

  2. We visited with our 5 year old in August. The building is stunning. I last went when I was 8!!

    1. Yes, indeed, the National History Museum's building is beautiful.
      I bet you'll be going more often now with your boys :)

  3. Have to say I am not a big fan, much prefer the science one, but that's because nature and I are not really friends. The kids and big geek I am married to, however LOVE it. And even I had a wonderful time at the dinosaur exhibition. I adore London museum and how child friendly they are, and the fact that they are free. I still remember the shock I was when I discovered that! It's a great outing with the kids when the weather is less than great.

    1. I was shocked too when I found out London's museums are free - it was a nice surprise considering nothing else is free here in London :)

  4. I love museums. The building looks absolutely beautiful.

    1. Yes, the NHM's building is really stunning!


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