Tuesday, 26 November 2013

London's Museums: the Tate Modern

It's probably the most famous museum 
in the world. 

It's possibly the most interesting museum 
in London. 

And it's certainly the place to see quirky art 
and the most iconic/dramatic chimney 
in Europe.

Tate Modern Building, A Mum in London

Meet Tate Modern 

Set in a former power station on Thames's south bank
just opposite St Paul's cathedral, 
Tate Modern is just 14 years old 
(it first opened its gates in 2000). 

Since then it has attracted ~40 million visitors, 
and it's no wonder 
it's one of UK's top three attractions

The best way to begin your visit to the Tate Modern 
is to cross the Millenium Bridge 
which is one of the best spots 
to see London's skyline.

Tate Modern, A Mum in London

Inside Tate Modern 

The numbers: 172 artists, 620 artworks, 6 floors. 

The artists: Picasso, Dali, Matisse, 
Turner, Bacon, de Chirico, Monet, 
Miró, de Saint Phalle, Vézelay, Rothko.
To name a few.

The art: impressionism meets video art, 
arte povera neighbours pop art, 
while surrealish shakes hands with cubism.

The visitor: you will be impressed, that's for sure,
although some of the artworks  
may initiate thoughs like 
"Would I put that in my living room?"

Tate Modern, A Mum in London
Ellsworth Kelly, Mediterranée , 1952

Tate Modern Facts 

Admission is free, except for special exhibitions.

Tate Modern is open until 22:00
on Friday & Saturday
(perfect for a date-night).

Have a cup of tea, grab a lunch
or plan a romantic dinner at Tate Modern restaurant
(it has great views over the river & St Paul's).

With three gift shops
it's a bit hard to resist shopping.
Favourite buys: the Tate Modern prints
and kids' artsy gadgets & books.

For more info, visit the Tate Modern website here

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  1. I went with my best friend in June. I love the building even more than the art inside! : )

    1. I agree with you; sometimes I just go there to see it (the building).

  2. I love the book store of Tate Modern, and you're right: they have nice stuff for kids. Last year I bought a book there for my nephew, next time it will be for my own little one :)

    Greetings from a Mum in Lima!

  3. Such a fab museum. Great one to highlight in UK!


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