Monday, 18 November 2013

Great British Autumn: Fall(ing) in Love

It's the season of pumpkins, bonfires & Guy Fawkes.
The season when colours, weather & ambiance   
bring out Britain's best self
and makes you fall in love with this country.

It's the {great} British Autumn...

British Autumn, A Mum in London

It's not harsh like the British winter; 
yes, it's cold, but not 'drop-dead-cold' 
like a typical winter in the UK.

Best thing to do:
wear something warm and go
for "leaf carpet" walking in the park.

A Mum in London
Hyde Park
It doesn't let you down like the British spring;
you expect rain, clouds and mud.
Instead you may get non-stop sunshine for days. 

Best place to be:
in Holland Park's Kyoto Gardens,
to see autumn in all its glory (and colours).

British Autumn, A Mum in London
Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park
It's not hectic like the British summer;
autumn is all about slowing down, 
getting cosy & relaxing indoors
(chocolate & red wine add to the cosiness).

Best feelgood experience:
when night falls at five o'clock,
nothing beats winter blues more efficiently
than a walk in London streets
to see the early Christmas lights & decorations.

A Mum in London
Selfridges' Christmas Windows

British Autumn Facts

Prepare for long nights:
night falls before 5pm in the UK.

Forget about vacations:
there are no Bank Holidays in autumn.

Wear something warm:
mean temperature for the UK in autumn is 9°C. 

Carve your pumpkins and buy treats
for Halloween (31st of October).

Watch the fireworks
for Guy Fawkes Night (5th of November).

 Brace yourself for Christmas:
expect festive lights & displays
as early as first weekend of November.

Nice to meet you, Great British Autumn.

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  1. I love the Autumn! Winter...not so much.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. Yes, me too, especially if it's 'the coldest winter in 50 years', like last year :(

  2. I am loving Great British Autumn. This is my second autumn here and I have to say this year is much better ~ really enjoying the leaves changing and the weather getting crisper. I think I was in a little bit of shock last year after having just moved. I must visit Kyoto Gardens {going to check it out, thanks for the link}.

    1. It's my second autumn too, and, like you, I'm enjoying and appreciating it more this year.
      You are going to love Kyoto Gardens, it's absolutely beautiful there.

  3. You're right - no bank holidays in Autumn. We could do with Thanksgiving!

    1. That's a brilliant idea, Iota! Who could we lobby for it?

  4. Always love your posts, they remind me of home so much! I was home for a few days last week, and for the first time ever I noticed how different the cold is there, it really is a damp cold, I think I can cope with the cold we have here better, even on the -23 days! :D

    1. Thank you for your kind words! You are so right, the cold in the UK is very damp (goes right to your bones), although I cannot imagine how I would cope with a minus 23 (!!)


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