Monday, 4 November 2013

Dream Toys

With Christmas fast approaching,  
the pressure is on to find 
beautiful, fun, educational toys

This year it's the first time 
the Toddler impatiently awaits Santa's visit
so double the pressure 
as I cannot let him down 
after all the stories he has heard 
about his new idol (the nice Papa-Noël)

After spending hours (yes, hours) 
browsing Argos's online catalogue, 
here are my top three contenders 
for a place under our Christmas tree

The Thomas & Friends Railway Set

Having blissfully navigated through the boat-phase, 
the Toddler is now deep in the train-phase.  
He absolutely loves everything choo-choo, 
so this makes this railway starter set 
ideal for a Christmas present. 

A Mum in London

I really like the wooden material 
and the simplicity of the design
Plus, Thomas trains are so cute. 

The Scooter

With a toddler seeking 
more and more independence
what would be better 
than a brand new, shiny scooter? 

A Mum in London

I really like the fact that a scooter 
would help the Toddler gain more confidence 
and give him the independence he's craving for. 
Plus, all the kids at the park have one. 

The Disney Book Collection

Our son is a big bookworm
He adores books and will spend hours 
flipping through the pages 
and looking at the images.  

A Mum in London

I really like this set. It has everything:  
five books with sounds, pop-ups, light-up images,  
(i.e. all the stuff toddlers find amazing), 
mini books (perfect for the car/pram) 
and a Mickey plush toy to hug.
Plus, it comes in a big box, 
which would look perfect under the tree.

The final dream toys 2013 list will be available here.

Thomas Railway Starter Set, ₤29.99 at
Zinc Havoc Pro Scooter, ₤29.99 at
Disney Mega Pack, ₤29.99 at

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Argos.


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